The kids simply ain't tuning in like they used to. Not even when all the celebrities come out to play. For the third year in a row, MTV's once-mighty VMAs have fallen in viewership, albeit a shorter plummet than previous years. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the most recent edition drew in a total of 1.93 million viewers, a drop from last year's then-record low of 2.25 million.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

That's not to say that MTV has faltered, as the VMAs still retain a hefty online presence. In fact, mentions and shares continue to skyrocket by 85 percent, proof that the historic channel is indeed keeping up with the youth movement. Though the televised airing may be falling on disinterested eyes, perhaps that's simply an inescapable conundrum. After all, is their target demographic really expected to sit through an entire, multi-hour telecast? Especially when the greatest hits and memorable moments are set to pop up the following day.

In truth, the decline is but another piece of evidence that the world is moving on, though some traditions will cling to life regardless. As long as the celebrities continue to attend, and the antics are given room to flourish, people will continue to tune in. Perhaps the number will dwindle, but such is life - who knows what the future holds for the VMAs? Might we one day bear witness to an online-only variant?