Not too long ago we debated which 2000s MTV show was the best, with Cribs narrowly beating out Jackass. Apparently we aren’t the only ones pining for a past decade, because according to a report from Huffington Post My Super Sweet 16 will be making a comeback soon.

The publication discovered the revival via a recently obtained casting email asking for boys and girls planning a “Sweet Sixteen, Quinceanera, Debutante Ball, Debut or any other coming of age milestone event.”

The original series began in 2005 and while it was never officially cancelled, MTV didn’t put episodes out consistently after 2010. People like Teyana Taylor, Soulja Boy and Chris Brown all had their own episodes back in the day.

We regrettably left My Super Sweet Sixteen off the original vote poll, but does this help quench the craving for 2000s MTV shows? The dudes from Jackass are a bit old now (plus they’ve moved on to movies) but we could totally see Cribs coming back.