In a recent Press Conference organized by well known feminist lawyer Gloira Allred, previous Mrs. America pageant contestants revealed that pageant founder David Marmel made racist remarks in their presence.

According to Page Six, Mrs. New Jersey Crissy Timpson has alleged that David Marmel told her, “You people need to stop killing each other,” and “You black women need to stop having babies." Timpson recalls first hearing 82-year-old Marmel making such comments at an Aug. 18 interview with a pageant videographer. 2018 state winners Mrs. Missouri Brandy Palacios, Mrs. Delaware Kimberly Phillips and Mrs. Ohio Jeri Ward came forward with similar claims detailing Marmel's irresponsible and discriminatory remarks. 

Marmel's remarks are said to have been sparked by a conversation between black contestants which saw them debating former quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the national anthem. Upon registering the conversation, Marmel allegedly interjected to say, “Well, you people need to stop killing each other.”

While influential attorney Gloira Allred called the press conference and is representing the contestants, they have indicated that they are not seeking monetary compensation or a lawsuit. Their intent was to simply make the information about Marmel's discriminatory comments available to the public. 

Marmel did not return Page Six's message seeking comment.