It's no secret that San Diego natives (AKA San Diegans, s/o Ron Burgundy) are pissed that the Chargers will be relocating to Los Angeles for the 2017 season. 

Protesting the move won't get anything done but a ton of moving companies are organizing to make the Chargers' move to LA as inconvenient as possible. 

According to FoxNews, roughly two dozen moving companies have vowed not to help the Chargers relocate and have even started their own website called 

“We decree, henceforth, that we shall unite as a perfect union of professional movers in agreeance (sic) to not aid the San Diego Chargers' move to Los Angeles.”

The San Diego Tribune noted this movement was spearheaded by HireAHelper on Thursday as a last-minute attempt to try and keep the Chargers in the city, and likely as a big F-U to the management on their way out. 

“They can't move to LA without a mover. So what if all the movers in San Diego refused them? That was the idea behind it,” Ryan Charles, VP of HireAHelper, told the Tribune.

“We just wanted to show one last bit of loyalty to the San Diego Chargers before it's really the Los Angeles Chargers,” Charles said.

The "We Wont Move You Chargers" movement is about 23 strong right now and growing, as companies in both San Diego and Los Angeles unite to keep the Chargers out of LA.