Game Of Thrones fever has manifested in no shortage of surprising ways, a testament to the show's phenomenon status. Now, in the wake of a new Adidasline of Thrones-centric Ultra Boosts, Mountain Dew has joined the charge, revealing their own contribution to the Game Of Thrones cause. Known for its vibrant and mysterious neon-green color, the popular soft drink has undergone somewhat of a temporary brand makeover, opting for a neutral, icy white. When chilled, however, the "Can With No Name," reveals the entirety of Arya Stark's kill list, complete with a few checked-off names. 

Unfortunately for Thrones collectors and Mountain Dew addicts, this particular line of exclusive, Faceless Men themed cans will not be available for traditional purchase. Instead, the soft drink company is looking to test your mettle with a pair of scavenger hunts in both New York and Los Angeles. Should you be interested in undertaking this particular side-quest, you'll need to keep a watchful eye over at Mountain Dew's social media accounts, including their IG page.  From there, clues will be issued, prompting those in possession to visit the "master of coin" at a few select "Dew Destinations."

Should you be away from those particular locations, you can still land a can by using the hashtags #ACanHasNoName and #ForTheThrone, along with a message of what you'd sacrifice in the name of cold Dew. What say you? Has madness finally had its day?