According to HipHop Wired, Future's first baby mother Jessica Smith is seeking an increase in child support payments after hearing him claim to carry upwards of $25,000 on him at all times. In January, the two came to an agreement of $1,662 a month after a DNA test proved that the ATLien was indeed the father of Smith's 10-year-old son. 

But after hearing how well off the father of her child has allegedly become, she's looking to have the paperwork updated. Approximating the Atlanta rapper's current income at $50,000 a month, she now expects an extra $3500 from him each month. His camp has yet to respond, but if he's actually doing this well, the extra expense wouldn't be much of a financial burden for him. 

Future apparently didn't even know about this son until Smith came forward last year. It's possible he's just been too busy working on his music to focus on family matters, specifically his upcoming Future Hendrix album, which is scheduled to drop later this year. 


[Update: Future Doesn't Budge, Requests Joint-Custody]

Future has filed legal documents in response to the mother of his child, Jessica Smith's call for more child support, in which he insists that their previous agreement over custody still stands. The askronaut claims that Smith can not use his press comments-- such as the remark that he keeps $25,000 on him at all times --as ammunition against him in the custody battle.

On top of denying Smith extra funds, Hendrix is also demanding joint-custody of the ten year old. The rapper takes aim at Smith's parenting, pointing to the fact that she took their son out of school (for which Future paid tuition for) without his consent, and has also "failed to deliver the minor child to school for unreasonable periods of time and/or delivered the child to school in tardy fashion."

In addition to joint custody, Future is requesting for Smith to pay his attorney's fees.