Tonya Couch has failed a routine drug test, effectively resulting in the 51-year-old's arrest for violating the terms of her bond. Couch was booked into a Fort Worth jail on Thursday after an arrest warrant was issued on Wednesday for testing positive for amphetamine or methamphetamine use.

Couch was charged in 2016 for money laundering and hindering apprehension after she and her son, the infamous Ethan Couch, illegally travelled to Mexico back in 2015. She had violated her probation in the past for failing a routine urinalysis test back in March.

Her son was released on probation last March after having been charged with four counts of intoxicated manslaughter, and two counts of intoxicated assault, resulting in the death of four innocent people. A psychologist ultimately blamed his unlawful actions on "affluenza," a term used to describe a person's inability to understand the consequences of their actions because of financial privilege.