We think it's safe to say the New York subway system (or any subway, really) has some of the craziest, most wild events that take place during anyone's day-to-day commute. Just last week we posted about a woman who lost it on a Jewish man and today we present a new video of another woman, who completely lost it on an Asian woman after her daughter was forced to give up her seat since the Asian woman was seemingly elderly.

“He didn’t get up for me because my daughter is black. He didn’t get up for me to sit with my daughter,” the mother literally yelled at the woman. The elderly woman replied saying: “Mind your language … be calm.” 

“What am I saying wrong?” the mother shouted. “You playing with my kids. If that was your kid you would be OK with it? So fuck you!” The mother continues yelling, as seen in the video below, telling the lady to move for her daughter, before she moves her herself. 

She then orders her child to push the woman off the seat. “Go ‘head, hit my daughter back,” the mom yelled at the woman. “Push her off the seat. Go ‘head, bitch!” The mother then shoves the lady out the seat. “Fuck your language. Fuckk police, bitch! … Y’all speak English? Tell her what she did wrong,” the mother said. “She put my child out a seat. This ain’t your country. Welcome to America.”

Watch the video below.