We kicked off our annual year-end segments with the first part of Hottest 50 Songs of 2015. While you wait for the next two parts, we're releasing our list of the top 10 Most Searched Artists on the site over the past year. 

The data for this list was gathered from the amount of times our users searched directly for the artist name in question, whether that was through our homepage search bar, socials, etc, as long as it landed you on an HNHH page for that artist, we counted it. This year we're giving you the actual percentage, out of ALL our site searches, that the artist name accounted for.

We're seeing a few change-ups from last year's list of Most Searched Artists, with the removal of artists like Kid Ink, Tyga, Chris Brown and Kendrick Lamar from our top 10-- you may be surprised to see that Kendrick Lamar isn't even featured in the 5 honorable mentions, as he ranked at #20 this year. 

Take a look at #15-#11 below, and proceed to the top 10. 

15. Tory Lanez- 1.27%

14. Fabolous- 1.29%

13. J. Cole- 1.35%

12. Chris Brown- 1.36% / The Weeknd 1.36%

11. Tyga- 1.45%