Every year, there are certain things we look forward to — birthdays, Christmas, the Super Bowl, the new season of Game of Thrones, and the latest sneakers set to drop.

There’s umpteen reasons why we heart certain pairs of sneakers and elect to purchase them. We might buy a pair of kicks because of an emotional attachment to them, some we get due to their exclusivity, because come on, who doesn't love owning a pair of kicks that nobody really has. Then, there's folks who desire to have certain sneakers as a result of their historical significance. Attributes such as brand loyalty, comfort level, affordability, colorway or/and a particular silhouette are additional reasons individuals acquire specific sneakers. Or, if you want to keep it plain and simple, some persons just cop sneakers because they like them. There you have it.

Though, what we're discussing here is mainly sneaker "hype." Thanks to social media, sneaker hype has reached an all-time high, as we're constantly flooded with photo after photo on our feeds of new kicks scheduled to be released. Whether it’s the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Shadow, or the Yeezy Boost Wave Runner 700, the more we see a shoe the more we lust to have it in our collection. The following kicks are causing serious hype and have all of us sneakerheads sitting on the edge of our seats, biting our nails and frantically bouncing our legs on the balls of our feet in anticipation of their releases. 

Take a look. Special shout out/honorable mention to the OVO x Air Jordan 8, which saw it's release date announced just today, and is causing a frenzy.