2014 is over and done with, and we the hip-hop community are moving onto greater endeavors. After an overall mediocre year for rap albums, 2015 is destined to be different. Hip-hop's biggest names are all scheduled to release albums this year, and the timing could not be more right. Today, who better than Rae Sremmurd to kick off the new year of releases with their debut album, Sremm Life. Only two weeks after that, the long-awaited debut album from Joey Bada$$ will hit stores nationwide (hence why they are not featured in this list). Imagine what a whole calendar of releases will look like?

Although hip-hop album sales dropped nearly 25% in 2014, let's hope no artist (especially Lil Wayne) gets held label-hostage in 2015. Sometimes, it's better to receive than to give. Try not to get too excited- these are our 10 most anticipated projects of the new year.