Rising North Carolina rapper Morray has been steadily on a winning streak, having recently inked a deal with Pick Six Records and Interscope Records. Shortly after the new partnership was announced, Morray has come through to detail his upcoming major-label debut mixtape Street Sermons, revealing the tracklist and release date.

Set to drop on April 28th, the project will feature a reasonable thirteen songs, further proof that Morray isn't looking to waste any time. As expected, many of the rapper's previously released singles -- including the breakout "Quicksand," "Kingdom," "Switched Up," and Big Decisions" -- will see inclusion on the Street Sermons. While some might lament the presence of long-released material, it's not entirely surprising to see Morray's established cuts getting a home, especially after "Quicksand" caught the eye of Jay-Z, J. Cole, Rick Ross, and DaBaby alike

Should you be interested in checking out what Morray has lined up, the complete tracklist can be found below. At this moment, it's unclear if we'll see any guest appearances -- it can be reasoned that a deal with Interscope may very well open a few notable doors -- but for now, assume that Morray is opting to fly solo for his big premiere. 

Look for Morray's Street Sermons, which promises to blend his signature bled of honest reflection and powerful church-honed vocals, to land in full on April 28th.

1. Mistakes
2. Trenches
3. Quicksand
4. That’s On God
5. Nothing Now
6. Reflections
7. Big Decisions
8. Can’t Use Me
9. Kingdom
10. Switched Up
11. Facade
12. Real Ones
13. Bigger Things