Morehead State basketball coach Sean Woods is facing battery charges for getting into a fight with two of his own players, in addition to the school's investigation into the incident. 

Woods has been suspended since the November 19th altercation in which he reportedly assaulted two players during halftime of Morehead State's game against Evansville.

According to the court document obtained by WKYT:

Malik Maitland told police that Woods backhanded him in the chest during halftime, causing pain.

Soufiyane Diakte told police Woods shoved him twice during the game - once during a timeout and and once in the locker room.

The University suspended Woods with pay during their investigation but now he's facing a much harsher punishment.

This isn't the first time they've had to suspend Woods as he was previously punished for going off on one of his players during a game against Kentucky in 2012, shown below.