Chief Keef continues to run into trouble with the law. The 17 year old behind street anthems "I Don't Like" and "Love Sosa" is hot off the heels of being jailed for a recent probation violation, and is now reported to have a brand new lawsuit on his hands.

As of today, Washington, DC based promotion company, Team Major, is suing the rapper for skipping out on a high profile show he was scheduled to perform at in London. The concert was slated for December 29th, and Team Major claims that Keef provided no explanation or notice for his absence, something that is quickly becoming familiar behavior for Keef. Just ask 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa.

There were reportedly thousands of ticket-holders subjected to Keef's no-show, and as a result Team Major was forced to refund the disappointed fans who had purchased tickets in advance. Team Major is requesting at least $75,000 in damages for Keef's negligence, for which the lawsuit will be filed through the United States District court of the Distict of Columbia.


[Update: Keef Ordered To Pay $230,000 In Damages]

According to TMZ, Chief Keef's refusal to acknowledge Team Major's lawsuit has cost him greatly. After four months of silence from Keef's camp regarding his missed performance, the judge was forced to rule in favor of the concert promotion company.

While the no-show reportedly lost the promoters close to $75,000, new legal documents suggest that Keef will have to pay $230,019 for damages, loss of earnings, and reputational harm. 

In other words, Sosa has now screwed himself over TWICE for simply not showing up.

More coverage to come as information arrives