Whether you're feeling mad, or high, or anxious, or sexy, or you just got paid, or you wanna turn up, or get inspired, or well, anything, HotNewHipHop has you covered. Just in time for the weekend, whatever your plans may be, we've got music for every situation and/or mood.

We like our readers to feel supported and understood, and nothing is more effective than music.

Now, we can't do it all for you. We can't find you the weed or the party. And we can't promise that even the hottest Weeknd song will get that girl you've been eyeing to take her pants off, or even give you her number. We can't put the pen in your hand or put on your sneakers for you. Basically, we can't work miracles, but we can promise you that these songs will definitely help to get you in the mood, whatever mood that might be.