For years now, Rich Paul has been helping turn Klutch Sports into an empire. With the help of LeBron James, Klutch Sports is one of the biggest agencies in basketball and they have a ton of players under contract. They are seen as one of the most influential companies in basketball and with influence comes speculation. There are some who see Klutch Sports as a way for players to sign with the Lakers, which benefits LeBron. Of course, the claims are far-fetched considering there are plenty of Klutch athletes who are signed elsewhere.

Now, however, some are theorizing that Montrezl Harrell only signed with the Lakers because Paul convinced him to. Paul is Harrell's agent and his decision to join the Lakers as opposed to the Clippers remains a head-scratcher. While speaking to reporters recently, Harrell explained that Paul, LeBron, and Anthony Davis had no influence on his final choice.

Montrezl Harrell

John McCoy/Getty Images

“As far as my decision, it (relationship with James and Davis) didn’t have any effect, because at the end of the day my decision doesn’t affect neither one of those guys’ lives,” Harrell said. “I have a family I have to provide for, so my decision was my decision. I talked with my family and people in my tight circle, and this is what we felt was best for me.”

Regardless of what people may think, Harrell has been a massive addition to the Lakers and he certainly makes them better. For Harrell and the purple and gold, that's all that should matter.