Former television personality and radio show host Montel Williams has recently opened up about a terrifying medical emergency that almost cost him his life.

Williams told The Blast that he knew something was horribly wrong while he was working out in the gym of his New York City hotel. The former The Montel Willams Show host's unsettling story begins as he is doing dumbbell squats. Midway through his repetitions, Williams' body started acting out of character. He describes hearing “loud pop” from the left side of his body. “I looked up and everything turned into caleidoscope,” he told The Blast. “I knew something was majorly wrong, so I forced myself to get to my room on the 14th floor and called my wife. I told her that I may be having a stroke, so please call 911. She did the rest.”

William's went on to reveal, “I had what they call a hemorrhagic stroke." According to the National Stroke Association, William suffered a rare and dangerous stroke. Research suggests that only approximately 15 percent of all strokes are categorized as hemorrhagic but 40 percent of all stroke-induced deaths occur as the result of a hemorrhagic stroke. 

Williams said he “almost died” adding, “I’m lucky to be alive.” He credits his wife for staying by his recovery. “I give all the credit to my wife,” he said. “She laid on the bed with me for all 21 days, sleeping at the hospital and staying there 18 hours a day.”

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