The romance between Malik Beasley and Larsa Pippen is over, and he's gone crying back to his estranged wife, Montana Yao. This drama has been unfolding in front of a social media audience for months as Yao claimed she learned that her 24-year-old NBA star husband was dating the 46-year-old wife of Scottie Pippen online with the rest of the world. There were rumors that Beasley and Yao were divorcing and later, Pippen sat down for an interview and shared that as far as she knew, the NBA player was separated from his wife.

However, Beasley recently admitted that he wasn't in the right headspace and declared his love for Yao. He called his decisions "childish" and said he was looking for forgiveness. Yao responded with lengthy messages about never keeping their son from his father and accepting Beasley's public apology, but she had some scathing words for Mrs. Pippen.

"Your threats are good over here ma'am try somewhere else," Yao wrote on her Instagram Story. "You really need to be put in check or something cause you really wildin out here thinking you bout to tell either Malik or I how to act... Both of you were wrong as hell but YOU ma'am had the nerve to talk all that sh*t to me as if I was wrong? First of all we as women don't claim you, you wouldn't know girl code if it slapped you in the face you just a old desperate thirsty ass ran thru blow up doll."

"You need clout that bad at your age?" she added. Yao insinuated that Pippen "embarrassed" her children. "Like GOOO SPEND TIME WITH YO KIDS!... You really tried to trap Malik too lmao tryna get him to go to fertility clinics with u? Are you crazy? You barely even spend time with the kids you already have and you want more?... Go work on yourself, read a book, something to better your life while youo still have time."

It's a lot. Check out Yao's messages, as well as Larsa Pippen's response, in full below.