Montana Of 300 "Busta Rhymes" Video

Aron A.
August 23, 2017 16:19

Montana of 300 channels his inner Busta Rhymes for his new video.

Busta Rhymes is a living legend that needs to acknowledged as such more often. His longevity alone is a stand-out quality he has that not many rappers can or will achieve in their lifetime. He's also used hip hop as a stepping stone to move into different avenues of creativity and business. While his resume should be acknowledged more often, Montana of 300 took it upon himself to pay homage to the great rapper with his new song "Busta Rhymes."

It's a solid song that captures the essence that Busta Rhymes carried back in the 90's. With fish eye lenses, twisted dreadlocks and vibrant color schemes, the Chicago rapper really taps into his inner Bussa Buss with this one. The video takes place in a desert with Montana flexing in front of the camera, riding motorcycles and 90's graffiti'd canvasses behind him. Montana of 300 tries to emulate Busta's fast flow with the song, the video pretty much captures Busta Rhymes 90's aesthetic. From the wild clothing to the fish eye lens, director Bob Owens, takes Montana's song and brings it to life. It's a solid effort for both the director and the rapper. Montana does a phenomenal job in his ability to emulate Busta Rhymes physical motions in the video as well. 

Montana of 300's "Busta Rhymes" is his latest single off of Don't Doubt The God and a solid one at that. The rapper was formerly incarcerated a little bit after the release of his last project. While there wasn't much information that said why he was locked up, he did (or his team did) take to Instagram to notify the public to purchase the album. However, he was release a few weeks later and is clearly back to working.

Check out our episode of "On The Come Up" with Montana of 300 below. 

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