Mo'Nique has made a bunch of questionable comments this year, but her stance on Roseanne Barr ranks highest on the "what the hell?" scale. The legendary comedian recently sat down on Los Angeles' KTLA to discuss a number of topics, and Roseanne came up. "Roseanne Barr is my sister," started Mo'Nique. "We’ve all said and done things baby that we wish we could take back and swallow and say, ‘Oh.’ But when you’re in the public eye, you can’t and it’s out there. But to put the title of racist on her, I can only share my experiences with Roseanne." She continued on to claim that Roseanne stood up for her and was quick to visit her show when others wouldn't. 

“I remember when I had the Mo’Nique Show, and there were big, major black superstar talent that had white representatives and they told their talent, ‘That show is too black and we really don’t want you to go on there.' But there was a white woman named Roseanne Barr that showed up for me.” Mo'Nique seems to believe that Roseanne made a joke in bad taste, and was incorrectly labeled a racist. While Mo'Nique does acknowledge the joke was wrong, she doesn't believe Roseanne is racist and had several examples to back up her argument. Check out the interview below.