It was once believed that Monica wouldn't share any information regarding the divorce from her BIG3 husband Shannon Brown, bit as time moves forward, the R&B singer has been candid about the dissolution of her union. On T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, Monica has shared her struggles with ending her relationship with Shannon after nearly a decade of marriage. She recently sat down with The Breakfast Club and spoke once again about her divorce after Charlamagne Tha God told her Shannon should be on his knees begging for her to stay with him.

"We were married almost nine years," she said. "I think life changes really got the best of both of us at times. I take accountability for what my part is. I'm a very outspoken woman and I'm learning how to be more of a listener than just speaking what I feel 'cause he also went through a lot of different life changes. He survived a major car accident, but that also changed the course of what's happening career-wise. He playin' in BIG3 and some other stuff. I think it took a toll because I probably didn't have enough around us to help us just facilitate what needed to happen. But, it is what it is."

"Divorce has not been easy," she added. "Then, everywhere I go, it's the first thing that comes up. But one thing about me, I'm gonna respect him to the death, though, because he didn't do anything per se...I don't hate him. I think there's a difference when you walk away from something and you real mad." The conversation took a brief turn when she went in on Charlamagne about his "Black Men Don't Cheat" mantra, calling it a lie, before DJ Envy brought back things back to Shannon. He wanted to know if being injured and having a career shift impacted their relationship.

"Oh, absolutely," she said. "You gotta factor all of that in. When you got children...We not just workin' for ourselves. He and I are both working to make sure that they have everything that they need, and you establish a lifestyle for them. You don't want that to ever have to change. So, of course." Check out the clip below.