A tweet made by Chief Keef back in 2020 caught Monica's attention and now fans think he may be shooting his shot. Monica has been in the industry for decades and she turned the heads of several artists from various genres, especially within Rap. Her relationship with C-Murder has often made headlines as they were once a young couple in love back in the 1990s, but more recently, Monica has been working on behalf of the incarcerated rapper as he shares loving messages to her online.

Monica's relationship status is unknown at the moment, but she thought it was "cool" that Chief Keef talked about how attractive a woman named "Monica" was, not knowing he was referencing her.

Monica, Chief Keef, C-Murder, Flirting
Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

Back in September 2020, Chief Keef tweeted, "Monica quadruple bad." It went unnoticed by the singer until recently, and she reposted it to her Instagram Story. "So I'm late & this tweet may not even be about me but my sons thought so & showed me today so that made it cool af [sticking tongue out laughing emoji]." Keef was quick to set the record straight and returned with a response.

"Nah that was about you! @monicadenise," the rapper wrote. After The Shade Room reposted the exchange, Monica slid in the comments with a final thought. "Lmao Nothing to see here , he was being kind ! I’m his Auntie them age [crying laughing emoji] my kids thought it was cool tho!!!" Check out the posts below.

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