She has no issues with sharing her personal life with her fans as she's been doing on T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle. The R&B icon's relationship with her ex-husband, NBA's Shannon Brown, dissolved in 2018, and the following year, the pair were divorced after eight years of marriage. Monica has revealed what it was like during that time of divorce and heartbreak, and in a recent Instagram Live, the singer shared that she even lived in a hotel following the split.

Monica, Shannon Brown, Divorce, Hotel
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 "After divorce, it’s one day at a time,” she said. “You don’t know what you’re going to feel day by day. You have to wake up and just flat out see what that’s gone be, see how you gone feel. And a big part of it is also, for me, respect is key. I try to always keep the respect intact. We’re a good ways outside of it. We split in 2018, that’s when I decided to leave, and the divorce was final October 24, 2019. So, it's been sometime now."

“When people ask what takes so long, honestly, real-life just kept happening to me,” she added. “I was in a hotel for a while. It was a nice one, don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a complaint or me whining. God is amazing, and He keeps covering me so don’t take it the wrong way. Two aunts died in one day, one from both sides, and then double back to my Uncle Larry really being murdered, for lack of better words."

Monica, Shannon Brown, Divorce, Hotel
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Monica has since purchased a new home, but her daughter, Laiyah, is finding it difficult to sleep in her own room because she'd grown accustomed to being in the same bed as her mother while living in the hotel. “I’m definitely not pressuring her in any way. God is always on time because coming from tight quarters like that into this, you just never know where life may take you."

“I will say this about the hotel—the smaller space, it helps you to really get reacquainted and to be really in tune with each other." Check out her Live below.