Yung Miami recently went on Instagram Live to talk to her fans, and during the live stream, she went on a short rant about why she sometimes doesn't like talking to her fans. She claimed that they're always trying to find "something," while putting a hilarious extra emphasis on the "thing" in something. 

"I don't like talking cuz y'all always tryna find some-thing," the City Girls rapper said. "Y'all always tryna find some-thing! Some-thing, very much some-thing! Y'all always tryna find something to talk about."

It turns out that Monica was a fan of the rant because the Miss Thang artist reenacted Yung Miami's IG Live rant in one of her recent TikTok videos. 

In the video, Monica performs the Yung Miami audio word for word with facial expressions that even capture Yung Miami's demeanor. The hilarious TikTok eventually made its way to the City Girls rapper, who posted the clip to her Instagram along with the caption, "man I be saying a whole bunch of nothing."

Keeping her lighthearted trolling going, Monica commented under Yung Miami's post saying, "Nah You said some !!! Cause it's really always SOME-THING [laughing emoji] [laughing emoji] @yungmiami305."

Check out the video below. Do you understand where Yung Miami was coming from in her "some-thing" rant? Or are you more entertained by Monica's TikTok reenactment?