The fight to get C-Murder out of prison expanded after Kim Kardashian public announced her support for his release. The reaction wasn't all positive, as some people had criticism towards Kim and Monica's decision to get involved with the case, namely Master P. Monica recently went live with Kenny Burns for V103 Atlanta where she explained the situation from her perspective.

"I wasn't trying to discredit anybody else. I did not know Kim well. I knew her in passing," Monica explained. She said that before she even decided to reach out to Kim, she did a bit of research of her own. "Before reaching out, I researched. I researched her father. I researched why this is a desire of hers," she continued. This was prior to reaching out to C-Murder, or LaLa, who ultimately connected the two. 

After talking to C-Murder's lawyers, she understood the amount of evidence that proved he was wrongfully convicted. And with a platform like hers, she said that she felt the need to speak up about the matter.

"The idea of the 'relationship' of it -- of course, that's how we knew each other but we weren't together when he was arrested. And we weren't together during incarcerated but that never changed out friendship," she continued. "It was kind of unfair when other people got brought up. For instance, my ex-husband, I never did anything disrespectful in that light. And every time I went to New Orleans, he would too. The daughters know him, as well.

Check out the interview below.