Building upon the success of his early 2021 hit "Time Today," MoneyBagg Yo just dropped the Future-assisted "Hard For The Next," a smooth single that finds the   

In our latest Digital Cover with MoneyBagg Yo, we asked about the Memphis artist's upcoming album, and he touched on the unique way in which he's balancing the record as well as the type of features that he sought after when working with other artists.  In addition to wanting to give listeners a mix of music that reflects both his pain and his experience in the streets, MoneyBagg Yo also reveals he flat-out told Future, who he just dropped "Hard For The Next" with, that he wanted a HNDRXX-type feature for their collab.

Check out what the "Time Today" artist had to say below:

Future and Moneybagg Yo attend the Travis Scott "Franchise" celebration event at Republic Lounge on October 8, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia.
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On the upcoming album:

"I got 8 songs gangsta, 8 songs pain. Even if you don’t like the gangsta you’ll like the pain. If you don’t like the pain you’ll like the gangsta. So I still win all the way around. I’m finding myself within my craft. I’m finding myself more and more. Even with diving more into the melody side, I might do a whole album later on in my career, just full of that, because they’re taking a liking to it."

On the new collab/working with Future:

"Right now, I told [Future], "We at the time, like, there's so much going on in the world and it’s like, stuff is going off of feeling. The world is really in their feelings. It’s so much going on, to the point where -- bro, we got to dig more into the melody side of this situation. And I want HNDRXX, you got to give me that."

Even in the studio, when we was going through the songs and he was going through the gangsta music. It was all mixed up. He only had the chorus on ["Hard for the Next"] and it kept catching me. I finally just said somethin’, like, ‘Aye, bruh, go back to that one right there. You’re clearly dodging that one. Why is you dodgin’ it?’ He was like, ‘I aint tryna dodge it, bruh. You can get whatever you want. You can have whatever joints you want.' So I picked it and got it, it was too crazy. I went right in the studio, I finessed it, and then we just put it together as a whole. We just work together as a team on the regular and it came out crazy."

On collab with Polo G and Lil Durk:

"Me, Polo G and Durk. It’s a song called "Free Promo" on my album. It’s crazy, I tapped into the melody side on that one too. So that’s the pain side."

With these new insights into Moneybagg Yo's forthcoming album, it's hard to not get excited about it. 

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MoneyBagg Yo posing for HotNewHipHop
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