Some people buy foreign whips, expensive homes and bottle service on a nightly basis when they make boatloads of money... other people, like Moneybagg Yo, have already gone through all of that so they decide to spend some racks on getting the nicest teeth on the planet. 

While he normally can be seen stunting in his diamond fronts, Moneybagg Yo recently decided to make a major change in his life, removing the grills and replacing them with one of the brightest smiles known to mankind. Gucci Mane has some competition after Bagg took a trip to Colombia, visiting Dr Mario Montoya and getting right with some clean, new pearly whites. He showed off his new teeth on social media, taking a quick video to show just how fresh his chompers are.

"Not The Big Cheap Teeth That’s Embarrassing," said the Memphis speaker, flexing even more on us peasants. "Billion Dollar Smile by the best."

With teeth this nice, it's no wonder why Moneybagg Yo stays fresh with his dental hygiene products at all times. On a recent episode of In My Bagthe rapper hammered home why it's so important to him to keep his mouth clean throughout the day and, with a smile like this, it all makes sense.