For what it's worth, Megan Thee Stallion has already spoken out about her night with Trey Songz, denying that there was any romantic connection between them and noting that she was simply celebrating the singer's birthday as a friend. Rumors started flying around social media after the two musicians were spotted together at a party, getting particularly close and mingling all night. Meg says that she isn't dating Trigga Trey, only lending her heart to one man: MoneyBagg Yo. However, what would he think about the videos showing the Houston Hottie and Songz together? Fans are imagining his reaction, posting memes to social media and clowning Bagg in the process.

The Memphis rapper has not yet reacted to the rumors but fans across Twitter are trying to picture what's going on inside of his mind right now. If we're being honest, Bagg probably doesn't care all too much. However, he is currently involved with the hottest female rapper in the game so there's a chance he might get a little protective. From phone-throwing videos to classic memes, Bagg is at the center of all jokes right now.

Do you think people are overreacting about this Trey Songz x Megan Thee Stallion link-up? Does Bagg have reason to be worried?