1, 2, 3, let's go!

It looks like, instead of getting a new project from MoneyBagg Yo and a new project from Blac Youngsta this Friday, the two rappers may be joining forces to drop a collaboration body of work instead.

Calling each other on Instagram Live, MoneyBagg Yo and Blac Youngsta discussed their shared release date and theorized. What if they just dropped a new mixtape together? Blac Youngsta was pushing his Memphis brethren to consider it, recalling how hot their single releases have been when they team up. It looks like Bagg may actually be interested because he seemingly called for CMG to scrap their individual releases so they can hop in the studio pronto and get this collaborative work done.

"You one of my favorites when it comes to lyrics and bars and shit, bro," said Blac Youngsta to MoneyBagg Yo. "So, me doing a [project] with you... come on man."

At first, MoneyBagg Yo was hesitant. His solo release is already planned out but, with Blac Youngsta getting super hyped about the idea, he opened up.

"Me and you dropping, I feel like we gone put something together right now and drop our shit, say fuck our shit and drop that shit together," said Bagg. "Fuck our solo shit. We got to do that, bro."

While it seems way too late for Bagg and Youngsta to get an entire tape recorded, mixed, mastered, and cleared before the end of this week, they might be planning to do exactly that.

Would you rather new solo projects from them or a collaborative mixtape?