Other than a brief reunion in 2007, we haven't heard from the Hot Boys (Lil' Wayne, Juvenile, B.G. and Turk) since 2001. Although another reunion probably wouldn't ring quite as true as their early days, there are many of us who would like to see it happen. 

Mannie Fresh, one of the musical masterminds behind the group, is down - if there's enough cash involved. Formerly signed to Birdman's Cash Money Records, a potential deal with Def Jam was spoiled because of his affiliation with the label. But he's remained pragmatic about it: 

“It might happen without me. You know what I’m saying? It would take a big, hot check for me to be there. That’s all I’m telling you. Maybe he [Turk] got something in mind that he wants to do, but I’m curious to see how that plays out,” said Mannie in a recent Vlad TV interview. “Because from what I understand he has some issues with Cash Money… but what makes it all better is, ‘You know what, I’m getting my money. You getting your money. We cool.’ That’s the whole bottom line... I don’t think we would never top 400 Degreez, but to come close to it it’s gonna take some time. It’s not a session where you can just do that overnight". 

Here's hoping. Peep the Hot Boys' classic 'We On Fire' video below, as well as footage of Fresh discussing the reunion on Vlad TV: