Sarah Penman, a model and youtuber, came out to her following about a past abusive relationship. She reveals that she had dated Kid Buu, which was a bad idea in her opinion. According to Penman, Buu is a compulsive liar and the truth leads down a messy road.

 She warns her audience at the beginning of the video that she in no way wants to endorse him:

"I don't want to give this person a platform. I think he's an awful person."

Then she goes on to describe the types of lies Kid Buu would feed people in order to keep up his rap star appearance.

"The proof was there. I saw him putting so much money into showing that he was this famous musician [...] and I never really understood it cause there was never a return. He never got paid for shows ever, he never got paid to do songs with other people...It's solely just to show the world that you have this lifestyle and that you could flex on people."  

"The talent wasn't there and I think deep down, he knew that."

 The strange situation was worsened by his jealousy and manipulation. 

"On the date, he told me he was 23. Spoiler alert: that was a lie."

An alleged ex-girlfriend contacted Penman about these lies and also revealed that she was underaged while they dated. Later, a baby mama comes out of the woodwork too. Turns out, Kid Buu has a daughter who is a full-blown kid. 

He finally admitted to being in his 30s, according to Sarah Penman.

And when his legal name is looked up, a mug shot (pre-nose-job) comes up for child abuse. 

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