While Drake is still under investigation for allegedly threatening a stripper earlier this week, now it appears another woman is out making similar claims. Shaye G, an internet model with whom Drake was allegedly linked to while he was dating Rihanna, reportedly called the cops after Drake sent her some angry text messages last weekend. TMZ reports that the heated messaging was over some photos that Shaye posted on social media of expensive purses that Drake had bought for her.

In one message, Shaye claims Drake warned her that if he sees her anywhere, she's "getting run up outta there." Feeling threatened, she turned to her father, who told Drake to back off.

Shaye reported the threats to police in Arizona earlier this week after reading about Drake's altercation with Jhonni Blaze. TMZ confirmed that the police are investigating, but have not spoken to Drake yet.

It's unclear why Shaye's pics would have provoked Drake into threatening her.