Thankfully Havoc and Prodigy patched up their differences before the latter's passing. It would have been regrettable to see one of hip hop's great complimentary duos go up in flames. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of his passing, Havoc has released two previously unheard freestyles through DJ Absolut's SoundCloud page. The first of which, "Thief's Theme" is essentially a rework of the Nas song and the second offering "Stay Chiseled" a freestyle over a Large Professor beat originally appearing on his album First Class in 2002.

Prodigy passed away exactly a year from today, dying of complications tied to his Sickle Cell Anemia, a rare disease resulting in the erosion of vital red blood cells. A few days, Mobb Deep fans were rewarded with another posthumous display, the Hamilton-inspired "Boom Goes The Cannon," a song in which Prodigy raps in the perspective of George Washington, one of the characters depicted in Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway Sensation.

As he aged, Prodigy became a wiser less flashy version of himself, all the while staying true to his roots in the ground. The advocacy for Sickle Cell Anemia lives on in the retelling of his story, and most importantly through his musical legacy.

Rest In Power P.