Buck 50 Productions is reportedly going after the Mobb Deep for money that they never received for making them have such a successful career. TMZ got its hands on a lawsuit filed by Buck 50 saying that they managed the careers of Prodigy (RIP) and Havoc from 2010 until Prodigy passed away last summer. Buck 50 alleges that a serious tab was racked up after they booked the duo tours, recording and endorsement deals.

They also claim that through the numerous deals, they gave Mobb advances and they have yet to be reimbursed for it. Buck 50 is reportedly asking for at least $500,000 to make up for the lost cash. 

Havoc recently shared exciting news when he revealed that he's still in talks with Prodigy's family and will be releasing a new album by the end of the year. “The way I'm reflecting on it is I'm just trying to keep the legacy alive. We deserve that, and I'm actually currently working on the new album in conjunction with the family. It'll be out there pretty soon, before the end of the year. Before the end of the year it’ll be out,” he said.

Prodigy died on June 20, 2017 after choking on an egg while he was in the hospital with sickle cell anemia.