Mobb Deep Honored By Lin-Manuel Miranda In "Boom Goes The Cannon" Video

Devin Ch
August 29, 2018 12:28

"Boom Gets The Cannon" gets a visual reenactment.

Lin-Manuel Miranda found a brilliant way to honor Prodigy, by commissioning a posthumous Mobb Deep record at the behest of the lone-remaining member, Havoc. The song "Boom Goes The Cannon" was released as part of Miranda’s #Hamildrops series, on the one-year anniversary of Prodigy's death in June. Miranda says he was divinely inspired by Prodigy's famous words "I’m only 19 but my mind is old" when he was "dressing up" his Alexander Hamilton character for the Broadway musical.

A few days ago, the "Boom Goes The Cannon" music video has surfaced to complete the tribute. The video undertaken by Derec Dunn & Charles O. Sanchis, of Distressed Asset Resolution in NYC, pays homage to Prodigy through a series of reenactments generally narrated by Havoc himself. Havoc waves a white Mobb Deep t-shirt with God as his witness, the group ethos restored. "Boom Goes The Cannon" is the closest Prodigy ever got to Civil War reenactment, after staging his metaphoric rise in a part of New York "similar to Vietnam."

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