The A$AP Mob isn’t really a mob, you know.

“Mob” denotes unruliness, panic, chaos and lawlessness in an unorganized mass. Nothing could be farther from what this Harlem collective actually is, because the so-called “mob” has a leader.

His name is A$AP Rocky and even though he wasn’t around for the founding of the group, he has served as the Mob’s figurehead and brains since hitting it big with his Live. Love. A$AP mixtape in 2011.

However, if Lord Flacko isn’t careful, one of his subjects might snatch the crown right off of his pretty motherfuckin’ head.

Rocky underling A$AP Ferg came barreling onto the scene with his single “Work” in 2012 and picked up steam with the mixtape-cum-debut album Trap Lord. With the release of his new mixtape Ferg Forever at the end of last month, Fergie has officially caught up with Rocky in terms of releases offered (if not in critical acclaim). If Rocky doesn’t move, and do so quickly, he may find his former disciple running right past him and grabbing the reins of the A$AP empire.

Read on to hear the case for and against the potential rule of Fergenstein. Then let us know who your vote would go to.