Mo'Nique isn't done speaking her piece about inequality, and neither is her husband it appears. For those who don't know, her husband Sidney Hicks also happens to be her dedicated manager, giving their household the auspices of a state-run business. Not to mention, they even host a podcast together, fittingly titled: Mo'Nique & Sidney’s Open Relationship.

On the latest episode of Mo'Nique & Sidney’s Open Relationship, the seemingly happily married couple discussed her very public argument with Steve Harvey. As you might recall, Mo'Nique and Steve Harvey argued over their differing philosophies on inequality in Hollywood, with the comedienne drawing upon a host of examples, including her struggles with oppression, as well as Whoopie Goldberg, whom she claims is beset with a similar breadth of inequality with regards to her role on The View.

After their own air discussion, Mo'Nique claims that Steve Harvey tried to persuade her to quell her "radical voice," an alleged incident she and her husband touched on indirectly in the latest episode of their podcast. Sydney saw fit to compare his wife to notable Civil Rights leaders on the revolutionary spectrum - two in particular: Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

"The same people that we deal with now, in history, that’s saying, 'Mo’Nique, you should be quiet,' were the same ones who told Malcolm," he opined. "They were the same ones who told MLK, ‘Y’all were crazy for standing up for your rights.'"

In the past, Mo'Nique led a public discord against Netflix, on similar grounds. She also accused her "peers" of colluding against her, a list of Black Hollywood personalities she believes have consented to a process of industry tokenization. Whether or not her anecdotes hold any weight, Mo'Nique is speaking to a truism that goes unreported, far too often.