Tiffany Haddish didn't ring in 2019 the best way when she simply flopped an NYE performance in Miami, leaving many to walk out on her set. The Night School actress didn't shy away from her mistake and admitted that she messed up, assuring her fans it wouldn't happen again. "I get out to Miami, I want to celebrate all this prosperity, this greatness or whatever's been happening and I might have went a little bit overboard," she said after the event.  

After receiving lots of support from industry acts already, another one has come through to send her well wishes and it's none other than Mo’Nique. 

“The advice I would give her is keep on going and don’t judge yourself harshly,” Mo’Nique told Page Six. “That was one show, one night, the next one is coming.”

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images


She added: “Tell me other times you heard of Tiffany Haddish bomb? So let’s just put it off to, she had a bad night, she had a bad moment. Let’s put it to that before you want to just throw her away. That’s what is so disheartening. … We are so quick to throw away and go onto the next instead of saying, ‘OK she had one bad night.’ Now people are saying, ‘Now you have got to prove you are good because you had one bad moment.'”