Last night, the NBA decided to take drastic measures as two of its players were diagnosed with the Coronavirus. Those two players are Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz. It was a horrible situation that led to the complete shutdown of the league for at least 30 days. For now, the entire state of the Association is in jeopardy and fans are at a loss.

As you can imagine, this decision has led to mass panic around the sports world and now, multiple leagues are following suit. Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League recently announced that their seasons would be suspended indefinitely. The NHL is in the same situation as the NBA as their playoffs were supposed to go down next month. Meanwhile, Major League Baseball is suspending Spring Training and is also delaying the start of the regular season.

It feels as though every single league in the world has suspended operations. For the ones that haven't, a suspension is certainly on the horizon. Based on these latest actions, it truly feels as though the virus has taken on severity that many were unwilling to believe in over the past few weeks.

Stay tuned for updates surrounding Coronavirus and the sports world as we will be sure to bring them to you.