Mixtapes have long been effective for staying grounded in the modern landscape of hip-hop. Borrowing popular beats and enlisting a roster of peers for guest verses are mainstay mechanisms for sustaining relevancy in the rap game. Another pillar of the mixtape hustle is the project's original (debatable) cover art, a historically adventurous creative expression.

Recently we found out that Young Thug doesn't have a wiz in his graphic design department. In case you are just joining us, Thugger's new mixtape, 1017 Thug 2, features Wiz Khalifa's torso on the cover. Wiz is sort of popular, so the Young Composite Thug image didn't exactly fly under the radar. 

In light of this phenomenal Photoshop blunder (volleyed hilariously by Young Khalifa himself), we examine the greatest catastrophes in a rich (and poor) history of hip-hop mixtape covers.

Click through and enjoy.