Americans aren't playing around anymore. Right after vandals trashed the garage door and left a pig's head and fake blood at Nancy Pelosi's home, it appears another group hit up Mitch McConnell's home. Americans are feeling angry about the failed $2000 stimulus checks, which McConnell personally blocked. After Democrats like AOC and Bernie Sanders proposed $2000 checks earlier in 2020, Donald Trump finally came around and hopped on the "give American's more money" train. However, his Republican party isn't as supportive. The conservative party is known for just that, spending conservatively. While the Democrat-led House passed a bill for the larger checks, McConnell blocked the Senate from voting.

In anger, protestors vandalized the senator's home Saturday morning with the phrase "were's my money" and "Mitch kills poor people" was spray-painted onto his home. There were other messages etched into his porch as well. There are currently no suspects but the investigation is ongoing, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department.

When president-elect Joe Biden enters the White House later this month, he is expected to try and pass another round of checks for Americans. This will largely depend on whether the Democrats can win the Senate seats in Georgia though.