HOT 97 has seen a few of it's iconic radio DJs and personalities leave to pursue other endeavors over the last year or so, starting with Angie Martinez, who set up shop at rival station Power 105, and most recently Cipha Sounds, who just signed a management deal with Roc Nation. Another long term presence on 97 who decided to call it quits was Mister Cee, who announced he was leaving the station on air last November.

In a new interview, Cee has spoken at length about the decision for the first time since he left, and on top of explaining that his on-air announcement was the very first time anyone knew he was leaving, the DJ revealed that he'd been planning the transition for a few years now.

“Honest to God it wasn’t hard because it was something I thought about five years prior,” Cee said of the resignation. “It was on my mind [for five years] that I wanted to leave Hot 97 but the one person that kept holding me back—not holding me back, the person that kept saying, ‘Let’s stick this out’—was Flex. Funkmaster Flex was just like, ‘Please, let’s ride this out.’"

Cee shared his desire to move on as he aged. "My whole thing was that I didn’t wanna be on Hot 97 at 50-years old. I’m 48," he said. "No matter how much you could be in a great situation for the moment, are you gonna be in that good situation five years from now? As much as people may look at it as Hot 97 is all I know, I been there for so long, ‘Can he take the jump and do something else?'”

Watch the full interview below.