When Mary Halsey recorded a video of herself performing a cover of Missy Elliott's "Work It," she probably never thought this moment would actually happen. Ellen DeGeneres has a reputation for bringing viral sensations onto her show and connecting them with celebrities. You may remember the "Damn Daniel" kid making an appearance and "Super Bowl Selfie" kid linking up with Justin Timberlake on her show. When Halsey was invited to perform on Ellen, she may have had a hunch that Missy Elliot would join her on stage but from her reaction, she still looked pretty shook.

Last month, Missy reacted to a video of her "Funky White Sister" performing her own version of "Work It," complete with sound effects and everything. The intricate performance took place at a park and she wasn't even provided an elevated stage to walk on. The Ellen Show is definitely a step up and a collaboration with the song's creator is likely a dream-come-true.

The feel-good moment happened during the chorus of the track as Missy came out from side-stage, prompting Halsey to put down the microphone for a moment before continuing with her new friend. Elliott ended up complimenting her "funky white sister" after the performance, claiming that she forgets the lyrics all the time while Halsey has them all down. Of course, she was also gifted a few goodies from the crew, including a bedazzled t-shirt and a jacket reminding everyone of her viral identity.

Check out the videos below to watch her performance and her subsequent interview.