Missy Elliott is having some trouble getting a Lamborghini from the Illinois car dealership she purchased it from, TMZ reports.

The rapstress filed a lawsuit in Florida against Fox Valley Motor Cars. According to the lawsuit, Missy claims she entered into an agreement with the car dealership to purchase a 2012 Matte White Lambo Aventador last year for $376,000.

The lawsuit says that Missy agreed to make a down payment of $30,000 in cash, plus her 2005 Bentley (which had a value of $85,000) in exchange for the car, which Missy claims the dealership said they would ship to her by mid-2012, however they never did.

Missy says she contacted Fox Valley for an explanation, and says their response was that the terms of the deal had changed since the market value of the car had risen. 

Fox Valley then refused to ship the car at the agreed upon price, instead demanding way more money for it. 

Missy Elliott is now suing Fox Valley for her Lamborghini, plus she's asking for damages because of the dealership's breach of contract.