TMZ has learned that Missy Elliott is being sued by the author of Jodi Pliszka, the author of Bald is Beautiful, over what-you'd be hard-pressed to guess correctly. Missy stands accused of stealing Pliszka's photo for the cover of her 2016 single "Pep Rally." The following thumbnail does a fairly decent compare and contrast of the executable models: Plizka's portrait, and the "baldheaded" design depicted on Missy Elliott's t-shirt.

Pliszka, who suffers from alopecia, says she did a modelling shoot years ago, and it unsure as to how the resulting images fell into Missy Elliott's hands. Without casting any judgment whatsoever, it's safe to say Pliszka's modelling shot and Missy's "Pep Rally" t-shirt design do bear an uncanny resemblance, but that's up to the tribunal to decide at the end of the day.

Jodi is suing Missy Elliott for unspecified damages - she also hopes cull damages from Missy's longtime parent label Atlantic Records. TMZ did their part in trying to contact Missy Elliott and her reps, with little success. As for Pliszka, who is within her right to seek legal counsel in the matter, much of her published work is based in the self-professed art of "Solution-ology." In 2019, you can make living off the inquietude of others.