Some artists are consistently churning out hits, and although Missy Elliott has been out of the game for some time she seems to be in good form and is confident that when people here her new album, which is a collaboration with long time producer, Timbaland, people “will say we never left.”

Recently, Missy stopped by 106 & Park to talk about her upcoming album, and how her and Timbaland started working together again.  When asked how she has changed musically since being away, the hip hop and R&B legend says it’s business as usual.  Always known for her innovation, Missy says fans can continue to expect new-wave sounds from her, just as before, “Missy then, was ten years ahed, and Miss now is ten years ahead...nothing’s really changed as far as Missy’s concerned.  I’m futuristic, Imma bring 2050 to 2012.”

The Supa Dupa Fly rapper seemed excited about the product her and Timbaland put together in the studio, “it feels good...this is the old Tim and Missy.”  When recording the LP the two decided to take it back to their beginnings, first deciding to record a few records, “Tim called me, and he was like, ‘Yo, come to LA and let’s just do like at least like three records’. “

After being back in the studio, the duo wanted to drop a full album, so they headed back to where it all started for them, “Then we said, ‘Yo, let’s go to Virginia, cause that’s where my first record was done...let’s take it back to our roots,” adding some hype, “this will say we never left, this album is incredible.”

At the end of the interview Missy was asked about the hip hop management pioneer who recently passed, Chris Lighty, whom Missy knew well, “It’s only gonna be one Chris Lighty, and one Violator...anybody that don’t know Chris Lighty should.”  She wants to see Lighty remembered and adds, “it’s almost something you have to learn in your history books.”