When people think of hip-hop legends, how often is Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott's name thrown into the ring? The Virginia visionary has amassed a respectable collection of bangers throughout her reign, and anybody with television access during the early millennium can recall an era where "Work It" and "Gossip Folks" permeated the airwaves. A different time, to be sure, yet the appreciation Missy garnered throughout has since proven timeless. Still, it's been a minute since we've received a new project from Missy, who dropped her last studio album The Cookbook in 2005.

Now, the icon has taken to Twitter to explain some of the motives behind her absence. "For so long I was hesitant to put out music in fear no 1 would get it because people said music has changed & my sound been so different," says Missy. "But NOW IM LIKE hey, bump it make music that feels good to me. let me Get y’all asses dancing again." 

Perhaps her sudden epiphany was spurred by the return of contemporaries Lil Wayne and Eminem; in any case, her presence is always welcome. One has to wonder if she'll be linking up with Timbaland, who has been quietly keeping busy behind the scenes. Welcome back, Missy.