Right after winning the Miss Africa pageant, Dorcas Kasinde experienced something that nobody ever wants to happen to them. Her hair caught on fire. Miss Congo won quite an honorable title but the moment was almost ruined when something caught on her hair and quickly spread a fire.

TMZ shared a video of the entire thing, which appears to show a firecracker setting her hair on fire before somebody rushes over to put it out. It happened immediately after she was crowned as Miss Africa so you can notice her facial expression change quite quickly. She goes from elation to panic in a matter of mere seconds. 

According to the publication, there were people on stage waving around celebratory sparklers, which likely wasn't the best idea now that they can look back on this incident. The fire reportedly did her no harm, but her hair is probably not fully intact. 

Kasinde had just beaten out Chiamaka Nnaemeka from Nigeria and Gladys Kayumba from Zambia to win the prize. She was awarded a cash prize of $35K and a new SUV, which she can use to drive herself to the nearest hair salon to get herself fixed up. Watch the video below and brace yourself. It's pretty crazy.