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Misogi Links With Smrtdeath On "Nightmare"

Misogi - Nightmare Feat. Smrtdeath

  Jan 02, 2018 10:30
Misogi's "Nightmare" sounds more like a dream.

Misogi has dropped his first single of 2018, and like the late Lil Peep before him, the blonde rapper has found a way to blend hip-hop with the lovelorn melodies of emo. The affect stems largely from the production, which juxtaposes finger picked electric guitar arpeggios with trap drums, creating an ethereal, wave-like instrumental. Vocally, Misogi's voice is airy, like a more refined and delicate Lil Uzi Vert; in fact, Misogi even throws in a reference to "XO Tour Life," singing "all my friends are dead, they just don't exist." In fact, there are a few comparisons to be made between the two, from the flow to the obvious anime influence.

If emo rap isn't your jam, it's doubtful that you'll find anything of merit here. However, if you can appreciate a little bit of genre bending, "Nightmare" is certainly an interesting listen, if only for the dreamlike instrumental. 

Quotable Lyrics

Everytime I fell asleep you right there
Wake up from my dream and you're not there
I just want to feel something

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Paul Rude
- Jan 3, 2018

you spelled Migos wrong

punkmaster suplex
- Jan 3, 2018

you should be covering the new lil wintr mixtape instead of this i like misogi but this is trash.

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