Mir Fontane - Glory

  February 25, 2016 13:51
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Mir Fontane reps Camden on his triumphant new track: "Glory."

Mir Fontane continues to put on for his hometown of Camden, NJ with a steady string of releases early into 2016. In January, he and frequent collaborator Ish Williams unveiled the video to their South Jersey anthem "Wanni Wag," and earlier this month, he shared a solo, R&B-leaning record titled "Fall Back." Today he's come through with a new single, "Glory," and lyrically, it's the most impressive track we've heard from Fontane. 

On "Wanni Wag," Mir showed off his ability to channel a new-wave, melodic sound, but on "Glory," he takes on a nostalgic, jazzy production from Steve Leevy, who has worked with Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign. The beat demands fast, forceful bars, and boy does he come equipped. He lets the record breathe with a nice sung chorus, but the highlight is how Mir describes his hometown surroundings with careful detail while never letting up his fiery energy. 

Mir has lived to see another day in the cold streets of Camden, and for that, he's feeling the "Glory." 

Quotable Lyrics

If you ain't talkin' money, ain't no need for the discussion
They say life is a bitch, but a n*gga still cuffin' 
Man, I gotta have it all, cuz n*ggas dyin' over nothin'

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